Sometimes removal is the
best solution
Is there a tree growing too close to your home or business? Perhaps blocking your view or suffering from an insect problem or disease? Although we like to keep trees happy and healthy whenever possible, sometimes it’s necessary to remove them.  When that's the case, call us for a free evaluation and estimate.

Tree Removal

With proper technique and equipment, trees can be safely removed from locations near houses, power lines, fences and other precarious locations. Since safety is always our first concern, Westerlund Tree Service's crews are well trained and equipped with the best equipment of any tree service company on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas. We have a 90’ articulated lift that can go through gates as small as 3’8”, a rear-mounted bucket truck with a 55-foot reach, a grapple truck for picking up logs and our own crane to lift trees that weigh up to 27,000 pounds. Bottom line, we have everything needed to get your job done efficiently and safely.
Our crews take great care to preserve the surrounding area when a tree is removed. Trees located in tight spaces, surrounded by plantings, fences or buildings? We'll lower the branches and logs by rope and gently guide them to their designated landing area with no harm to the existing landscape or structures. Lawns and septic fields are covered with pads so our equipment can travel across them without causing any damage. We chip and remove branches so your yard is left debris free. The logs are hauled away for recycling or, if you would prefer to keep them for firewood, we are happy to leave them for you.
A word of caution here. Tree removal is becoming more and more regulated by cities and counties in our area, and penalties for unapproved work can be stiff. We can take care of permitting for you or you can handle it yourself, but it is definitely a factor that needs to be included in project planning. Factors such as size, species, location and complexity will be considered in a permit application as well as in the price to remove a tree. Call us at 360.779.2711 for a free estimate on your project.
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