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Wind and snow storms can hit Kitsap County hard, resulting in downed trees and power lines. Homeowners need to have hazardous trees removed quickly to keep family and property safe from harm
Broken branches, excessive loads, trunks and branches under tension – all can result in injury, further property damage and even fatalities. Trees weakened in one storm can get caught in the next event’s heavy winds, toppling over or sending branches flying into nearby windows and vehicles. Of course, the best way to prevent a dangerous situation from escalating is to call in a professional as soon as possible. Don't wait until hazardous weather gives it that final push. Even healthy trees can carry dead branches.
Hazardous tree removal is dangerous work, and should always be performed by a skilled professional. This really is not a job for amateurs. Downed trees must be handled cautiously, cut up and moved with specialized equipment. Westerlund Tree Service assesses the situation and tackles the project carefully, rigging the tree when necessary, removing the broken limbs piece by piece and leaving your property clean, safe and clear of dangers. We have our own crane, a 90 foot lift and a grapple truck to take care of the high and heavy work. Then our commercial wood chippers break down branches and small trees quickly, recycling them into a natural mulch that helps preserve the environment. We can haul the logs and chips from the jobsite or leave them for our clients’ own use. We'll also handle any permitting that may be required, the complexity of which varies depending on where you live.
Unfortunately, when weather conditions leave your trees vulnerable to strong storms, downed trees are the inevitable result. Keep your family and property safe by calling in the experts at Westerlund Tree Service to deal with your hazardous trees.


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