Brush Clearing

Westerlund Tree Service offers land clearing services for both residential and commercial clients looking to clean-up landscaping, expand yards or clear building lots. Let us haul the debris away for recycling or mulch it and leave the chips on site. Our mulching service is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that leaves topsoil in place, adds nutrients to the soil and helps prevent erosion. We have a Takeuchi mulching machine that is powered by a 109.9 HP engine and destroys blackberries, scotch broom, scrub trees, rotten logs and stumps, salal – it shreds it all.

View Enhancement

View enhancement is another of Westerlund Tree Service’s land clearing services. Many properties are located in areas that potentially offer tremendous views of our beautiful waterways, mountains and topography. Trees and brush can interfere, minimizing or blocking a potential view. Our clients have found that having us open up these areas through pruning and or removal has enhanced their landscape and greatly increased their property value. Westerlund Tree Service offers land clearing throughout Kitsap and Jefferson Counties to help you improve the look and value of your property.

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